Bio-Nexus is developing an innovative and unique technology by combining the most modern developments, such as embedded reality, with intuitive solutions guiding field personnel through their tasks and workflows. The company currently focuses on three main industry verticals: large industrial sites (Care-Nexus), emergency medical services (Bio-Nexus Medical) and airliners (Aero-Nexus).

The core competence of Bio-Nexus is the development of its patent-protected Mobile Workflow Engine and the rapid deployment of its flagship mobile workflow-processing platform with service organizations. The platform facilitates field maintenance and critical real-time supervision where accurate execution depends on efficient workflow processing. It could also be described as an end-to-end digital communication platform between the points of event and the command and control center.

The platform helps manage processes characterized by urgency, high costs and risks, such as large industrial site technical checks, aircraft fleet maintenance and emergency medical services.

The company has also integrated its platform with heads-up displays, various headsets and cameras and coupled its platform with portable wireless devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The system also makes use of speech recognition (hands-free capabilities) to facilitate adherence to protocol and rapid documentation in field environments.