Established in 2014, Springtide Ventures is a 100% subsidiary of KKCG Group. We benefit from access to KKCG’s capital, know-how and worldwide business network. Since 2016 we invest in Israel. We have a presence in Europe (Prague), Israel (Tel-Aviv) and the USA (Boston).


Our vision is to create permanent values based on strong lasting partnerships with entrepreneurs we support, their business partners and our co-investors. Being part of KKCG, a private multinational financial and investment group, we value professionalism, hard work and determination to take on new challenges and responsibilities. We come with high professional and ethical standards in everything we do.


Our investments typically range between one and ten million US dollars. However, thanks to our multi-stage approach, we are ready to support successful projects by taking part in successive investment rounds well beyond this range and also accompany our portfolio companies from Seed through Series A and B up to Series C. Because Springtide invests solely KKCG’s capital, we are not dependent on external investors and the fund-raising environment. It also enables us to take key decisions in a disciplined yet timely manner.

We also make selective investments in third-party specialist venture funds that invest in sectors that leverage technology in new fast-growing domains.


We seek opportunities to invest and help the companies operationally all the way up to successful exits. If you need to bring your company next level up to kickstart growth and expand around the globe we are ready to support you. Strong emphasis is placed on truly global aspirations and the potential of the companies that seek funding from Springtide.

Over time Springtide has adopted an investment strategy focused on SaaS companies providing products in Cyber Security,  Cloud Infrastructure, Horizontal AI/ML and Blockchain.


We add value beyond money by helping entrepreneurs to successfully navigate through strategic options and common pitfalls, build top-quality teams and/or complement skills where and when it is needed. We also help our portfolio companies develop business partnerships with KKCG’s IT service group Aricoma,  one of the largest IT enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe.  


We are ready to support you in a number of ways by tapping into our in-house product development capabilities, potential synergies with the KKCG company portfolio and network across a range of industries, or simply by sharing the everyday decision-making burden with you.

We have a relentless drive for success, overcoming challenges and learning while, above all, preserving our integrity and sticking rigorously to ethical norms. Naturally, we value such qualities in entrepreneurs and teams we support as they take on the challenges of building their next enterprise.