PlainID listed in Forbes 10 Under $30M: The Most Promising Young Israeli Startups in New York

The 10 Under $30M list is comprised of fast-growing Israeli startup companies who chose New York as their first (or second) home, in order to bring their innovative promise to the U.S. market. Each company has a unique value proposition in its own field, whether it is cybersecurity, fintech, retail or any other industry in need for new technologies.

Abut PlainID:
Controlling information and data flow within a small team is easy, but as organizations grow into thousands of employees, from different management levels and teams, or thousands of customers spread across the globe – managing who’s who, or who can access what data, becomes difficult.

Organizations face two challenges in this process. The first one is about the ability to understand who can access your most valuable resources, and control their level of access. The second is around data governance and compliance with regulations when launching new services.
PlainID’s tagline is “The Authorization Company”, exactly for that reason, as the company’s founders are trying to make authorization processes faster and easier to implement. Or, as Oren Ohayon Harel, Co-Founder and CEO of PlainID, describes it: “turning identity to data you can consume.”

The company, founded in 2014, provides a platform solution to control an organization’s entire authorization process, but unlike other authorization platforms, it’s all based on the organization’s business logic. The platform allows teams to implement literally any kind of rule, without having to use code. Moreover, PlainID’s authorization-as-a-service platform eliminates the need to develop compliance authentication for every single application or service using that data. This makes authorization processes faster, producing ROI faster when launching new services.

PlainID’s customers include the World Bank, Freddie Mac, SAP as OEM and more. “We’re working with enterprises that are highly regulated and have a complex environment, using cloud, on-premise, or hybrid service technology delivery methods, and most of them are in the middle of a technological transformation process”, Ohayon Harel explains.

PlainID has 15 employees in New York, while the whole company’s R&D center is based in Israel.